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Nothing is beyond.



Our mission is to help you achieve whatever is on your bucket list. Want to live life to the fullest? We're here to help you achieve those goals. Together, anything is possible. 

The Founders

In 2018, Domenico Forliano and Keenan Patel came up with the idea of REACH after having a late-night conversation with one of their friends who was studying in Montreal for University. She was new to the city and wanted to experience all of the great things that it had to offer. Their initial thought was "how can we give her the full experience?" Later, they thought about an idea of having her write a bucket list, which they would help her achieve. Little did they know that that thoughtful gesture would lead to an even greater proposition.

Job Description

To create a promotional one-pager that explains REACH and its mission. The design must remain authentic to the brand colors and font. Furthermore, the website must be appealing to the younger demographic.


We wanted to keep the font as simple as possible. What better way to present our content than Helvetica? It's symmetrical, structured, strong and simple.



Helvetica Bold


We follow the logos font, which is Helvetica Bold. Meanwhile, the text remains in the regular Helvetica style at a standard 12pt size.




The Wireframe

Before creating the website, a wireframe was necessary to structure the text and images. As demonstrated below, the layout style changes one after the other for movement. Due to Covid-19, I had to incorporate some information about how REACH will continue business.


The Website 

Due to Covid-19, we were unable of capturing images from events. Instead, we have used free stock photos temporarily until we are able of taking some at events. This change will be done as soon as possible.



"The website is not adaptable on my iPhone"

"The contact section is too big"

"The text size seems to large"


- The website can now adapt to smartphones

- The contact section is smaller now

- The text size is now more suitable for cellphones



- The clients feel more happy with the way their website looks on phones

- They have been getting more traffic lately

- Young people are finding their website more easily

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